Space Sauce
Space Sauce
Game Development and Art Production Studio
Yerevan, Armenia


We are Space Sauce. We create splendid art and our own games. 
Our art crew comprises over 30 pro artists specializing in 3D, 2D and tech art. 
We are proficient in producing historically accurate assets, all-style characters, sophisticated scenery, epic spaceships and whole new universes.
And we do it quickly. With love.
Let us know if that’s what you’re looking for!

Art services:
• 3D realistic equipment, weapons, and vehicles
• High precision historically accurate technical 3D assets
• 3D environment
• 3D characters
• All-style 3D assets
• Level design

• Art direction 

• Concept art
• Interior visualization 

• In-engine integration

Game development services: 

• Full-cycle game development 

• Co-development

• Porting


• iOS
• Android
• Windows
• MacOS
• Steam
• Xbox
• PlayStation
• VR


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